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The city of Boaz is named for the husband of Ruth, a Biblical character in the Old Testament.  Incorporated in 1897, Boaz quickly began to “set a pace for her neighbors that could not be closely followed without some extra exertion on their part,” stated the editor of a nearby town’s newspaper in 1905.

Boaz, Alabama is located atop the Sand Mountain Plateau, which is labeled for its sandy soil.  The Boaz economy grew from the soil of Sand Mountain, primarily because it was ideal farm land with a mild climate.

Boaz was the nearest shopping center for many communities atop the mountain.  In earlier day, the city served as a magnet which drew farmers looking for supplies and other necessities of life that were not produced on the farm.  Farmers also came to Boaz to dispose of their fruits of labor. Located in Marshall County, Boaz is in northeast Alabama between Gadsden and Guntersville, and only 77 miles from Birmingham and 57 miles from Huntsville.

Boaz has always had a special character that distinguished it from neighboring towns. It’s been said that “in Boaz, merchants were hustlers who were glad to welcome you to spend money.”  Shopping is still a feature attraction in the city.  With various outlet retail stores, antique shops, locally owned unique gift shops, Boaz still beckons shoppers to visit.  In addition to shopping, Boaz can now offer a bowling alley, a movie theatre and many restaurants.